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Peyronie’s disease, or curvature of the penis, can cause significant pain and greatly interfere with your emotional health and wellbeing. Karl Coutinho, MD, is a highly-respected reconstructive urology specialist in Millburn, New Jersey, who provides the most effective treatments available for Peyronie’s. He may recommend therapy with medication or use his extensive surgical skill to correct the curvature. Either way, he’ll design a treatment plan that fits your circumstances. Call today for your appointment or schedule your visit using his online service.

Peyronie’s Disease Q & A

What is Peyronie’s disease?

Peyronie’s disease (PD) is caused by the formation of tough, fibrous scar tissue just under the skin of the penis. This scar tissue can typically be felt as lumps or bands of tight tissue that may become painful. To understand Peyronie’s, it’s helpful to understand the anatomy of your penis.

There is a sponge-like tube on each side of your penis that’s called the corpus cavernosum. This tissue contains numerous tiny blood vessels that fill with blood during an erection. Each of the two corpora cavernosa is encased in elastic tissue called the tunica albuginea that stretches as the blood fills these vessels, which helps to stiffen and shape your penis.

When you have PD, the area with the scar tissue doesn't stretch. This causes the penis to bend or become misshapen, which can cause significant pain during sexual intercourse. A significant curvature may also make it impossible to have sexual intercourse.

What are the symptoms of Peyronie’s disease?

Beyond the noticeable scar tissue, you may also experience:

  • A significant upward, downward, or sideways curve to your penis
  • An hourglass appearance to the shape of your penis during an erection
  • Difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection (erectile dysfunction)
  • Noticeable shortening of your penis
  • Penile pain that may occur with or without an erection

PD symptoms may appear gradually over time or come on suddenly. The curvature does seem to stabilize eventually but may become quite significant before that occurs.

What causes Peyronie’s disease?

While doctors understand that scar tissue causes the abnormal curvature associated with PD, the reason for the scar tissue formation is not always clear. It may occur after an injury to your penis or be related to other health conditions, such as connective tissue disorders.

Men with PD seem to have an increased incidence of Dupuytren's contracture, a condition that causes thickening of the cord-like structures across the palm which pull your fingers inward. PD is also more prevalent in men over 55.

What treatment is best for Peyronie’s disease?

Treatment depends on the severity and nature of your symptoms. Dr. Coutinho may recommend XIAFLEX® injections to help break down the scar tissue. This therapy is also used to effectively treat Dupuytren's contracture. Otherwise, he may recommend corporal grafting surgery or plication surgery to remove the scarred areas and straighten your penis.

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